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Psychotherapy Background

Please note that I have recently closed my psychotherapy practice to new clients, in order to concentrate on my healing and astrological work.

However, I have had over twenty years’ experience as a psychotherapist with individuals and couples. The experience and expertise I developed in that time will continue to be part of the background resources on which I can draw, when required, in my ongoing work. At times it may be helpful to explore your feelings and bodily experiences through talking. At others we may work with your creativity or your dreams to deepen your self-awareness and increase your understanding of the choices open to you.

The healing process, whatever its primary focus, tends also to involve change on the levels of feelings and thoughts.

Healing Emotional Issues
Ideally, a feeling arises, claims our attention, is resolved and subsides, to be followed after a pause by a new feeling. A primary way in which feelings arise is in response to a need – maybe a basic need such as for food or safety, or a more complex need such as for beauty or spiritual meaning. Feelings are successfully resolved when the need which gave rise to them is met.

Shadow at Strete Gate © Moira LakeIf the need is not met, or is met in an inappropriate way, or if a traumatic event intervenes, then the feelings can remain inflamed and become fixed over time, eventually becoming a chronic problem which manifests within the energy field. These painful feelings are often accompanied by negative and self-limiting thoughts and beliefs. As time passes, the unmet need may wear many guises and the person’s attempts to deal with it may give rise to a range of troubles: for example, destructive patterns in relationships, addictions, low self-esteem, unmanageable anger, anxiety, depression or physical illness.

Energy healing and shamanic healing offer powerfully effective ways to work with difficult feelings and unmet needs, and the long-term problems that can result from them.

Although we will not be exploring emotional issues within a psychotherapeutic relationship as such, you can feel assured that our healing and/or astrological work will take place in a supportive context of psychological depth and safety.

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