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Plant Spirits and Sacred Activism Course

The powerful 'Warriors and Weeds' series of three workshops will be replaced in 2018 by a one-year (non-residential) course of three weekend modules, each from Friday to Sunday. Each weekend will take place in a different beautiful location in South Devon, where we will work with the spirits of that place. There will be assignments, exercises and contact between modules to support your progress through the course.

Warriors and Weeds: the sacred alliance between plant spirits and humans

A one-year course in which you’ll work in deep collaboration with plant and other spirits of nature, and with Earth herself. An integration of personal healing, collective healing for all beings, and sacred activism.

Three modules during 2018:
May 11th-13th; June 29th-July 1st; September 28th-30th
with Moira Lake - shamanic worker, energy healer,
plant spirit healer and astrologer for over twenty years

**Early booking price before 31st December 2017: £450**
Full price thereafter: £500
Contact, 01803 863185

Here are a few comments from participants in previous 'Warriors and Weeds' workshops:

‘Wonderful workshop, thank you so much. I feel we have covered very important work, and I am very excited to see how it affects my life from now on.’
‘Really helpful and clear… quite revelatory.’
‘Has helped me to understand what ‘grounding’ really is.’
‘Your passion and connection shine through… really got how much they [the plant spirits] want us to work with them.’
‘Valuable and inspiring.’
‘I was surprised at the strength of the connection. Very inspired.’
‘It’s been a really beautiful workshop that has touched me on deep and subtle levels.’

Even in these maddest of times – perhaps especially in these times – I believe it’s possible for us to create a world in which all life is honoured and loved. But we can’t succeed in this if we treat it as something humans have to do alone. It can be hard to move beyond this human-centred mind-set, because collectively we’ve forgotten how to stand together with the other-than-human beings of Earth. But these beings are not merely our victims. They have wisdom and power, and even now, they are willing to accept us as their allies. In each of these three workshops we will include and go beyond personal healing and learning. We will work with plant spirits, as well as the elements, spirits of place and other beings of the natural world, to remember something new: how to create together the world we long for.

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